League Day Presentations

Local Spring 2017 elections: All candidates are required to file a Statement of Economic Interests (FPPC Form 700) to disclose potential economic conflicts of interest. These forms are available on request at the Office of the City Clerk, but are not available online in most cities. We have posted these public documents here to better inform the electorate. To view the Statement of Economic Interests for the candidates in local March and April city elections, click on the candidate’s name below.

Monrovia (April 11, 2017 election):

Pasadena (April 18, 2017 election):

These forms are available online at for both City Council and PUSD Board Member candidates. Search under Department for ‘City Council’ (not ‘Candidates (City Council)’ which will yield no results) and ‘Candidates (PUSD)’ for council and school board candidates, respectively. Be sure to set the date range to 2016 as these forms were filed in 2016. Thank you to the City of Pasadena for making these forms accessible online!

The League only takes action on issues after careful study and consensus by members.  The result of this process is called a position, and our positions define what action we can take on an issue.  We have positions at each level of government and we take action at all levels.