Program Planning 2017


The League is a truly grassroots organization that sets its agenda through the Program Planning process. As members, this is our chance to help choose what we want California’s and the Pasadena Area League’s future to be.

New members, this is an opportunity to learn more and get involved in how the League decides on focus and priorities. Longtime members, this is a signature activity of the League and a way to contribute to focus on the issues you are passionate about.

Join us on January 12, when we’ll be discussing League policy and strategy at the state and local level. The state League has requested a different process from past years: instead of reviewing state positions, we’re being asked to consider where the League should focus its energy over the next two years? What are the issues of concern to us here in the Pasadena Area? Where is there a need for legislative activity and other advocacy, both in Sacramento and in our city or county?

What will our League do to participate in the LWVUS Campaign to Make Democracy Work? What issues should we address? Should we focus on community education? What coalitions should we be part of? What local government policies or procedures do not meet our standards for transparency? Do we need a new or updated study on a local problem?
This is your opportunity to make your voice heard. Join us!

Thursday, January 12
Women’s City Club