Jail Study


Support for reducing overcrowding in the county jail system by improving jail computer systems, routing prisoners more efficiently, expediting pre-trial case management, and studying criminalization standards for possible modification. Oppose using private jails. Support for a variety of sentencing options for low-risk offenders. Support for providing comprehensive health care services for emergency, urgent, and on-going health problems, physical and mental, for all inmates; support for segregating mentally ill inmates. Support for offering basic educational and vocational training programs and social rehabilitation and re-entry programs to all inmates. Support for providing adequate public funding to maintain state standards. Support for effective, continual internal and external oversight of jail conditions and practices and for safe release practices.

Results of the study are online here.

LWV-PA participated in the Los Angeles County Jail Study. Our consensus meeting was on January 6, 2011:

  • A flyer with details Jail Flyer
  • The panelists for the meeting. Panelists
  • A report by the ACLU on conditions in Los Angeles County jails.  ACLU
  • Reports of the LA County Civil Grand Jury for 2009 and 2007.
  • New League position which came out of the consensus process. LWVPA position