Education Studies

  • A follow-up League Day meeting on March 3, 2016 produced a consensus which was forwarded to LWVC on California Public Higher Education positions.
  • On Feb. 5, 2015 a League Day program examined trends in vocational training and some of the less-visible institutions that have an important role in preparing an essential skilled workforce for Southern California. What Ever Happened to Vocational Education?
  • In 2011, the LWVPA participated in a LWVUS Study of the Role of the Federal Government in Public Education. Our consensus discussions were October 6, 2011. A report of the result was submitted to the LWVUS. The results of the study at the National Level are covered on this page.

Here are the consensus questions for the study in pdf format: Consensus

In all, 377 local leagues across the US participated in the study. In March 2012, the LWVUS Board approved a new position on education, based on the results from the local league discussions. To help the local organizations in their discussions, the LWVUS Study Committee prepared articles on:

The history of the federal role  Federal History

Funding and equity issues   Early Child

Common core standards Core Standards

Education of children who are disadvantaged Disadv Child