League Positions

LWV-PA 2017-18 Priorities for Education and Advocacy

Advocacy Committee

  • Place action alerts from national, state, and local League on our website.
  • Focus on Healthcare.
  • Feature an advocacy component at each League Day.

Economic Justice Committee

  • Minimize the effects of rising minimum wages on eligibility for social support programs, join with other CA Leagues to advocate with legislation.
  • Affordable Housing Focus: vigorously monitor the rollout of Measure H with multiple activities, advocate for governmental program sliding scales that take into account the effects of new minimum wage levels.

Education Committee

  • Plan Civic Learning Projects for PUSD HS students fulfilling Service Learning requirements.
  • Partner with the Voter Service Committee to develop student-led voter registration drives on campus in Sept. and April.
  • Expand Constitution Day presentations in PUSD schools, in partnership with ACLU-LA.

Natural Resources Committee

  • 7th Annual Climate Forum
  • Local education, including League Days
  • Advocacy for state and local environmental issues.

Voter Services Committee

  • Get Out the Vote (GOTV)
  • Educate on changes to our voting systems
  • Focus on voter registration of underrepresented groups.