Get Out and Vote on November 5

Election Day 2013 is just five days away. On November 5th, millions of voters across the country will head to the polls and stand up for what matters most in our communities and our lives.League of Women Voters continues to prepare voters with information about the candidates and issues on their ballots through voters’ guides, on League websites, including nationwide, and in California.

Voters who stay home on Election Day are missing the opportunity to take part in building stronger communities and to have a say on the issues that matter most to them. There’s a reason why Lyndon B. Johnson called the vote “the most powerful instrument ever devised by man” and why Carrie Chapman Catt called it “the emblem of our equality.” Voting is the very foundation of our great democracy.

Here is information about all of the elections taking place in the ten communities served by League of Women Voters – Pasadena area:

Elections in LWV-PA Ten City Area – November 5, 2013
Some scheduled elections have been cancelled, due to candidates’ being unopposed.
School Board Elections
                Duarte Unified – 2 seats
                Garvey Schools – 3
                La Canada Unified – 3 seats
                Monrovia Unified – 2 seats
                Pasadena Area Community College – 1 seat
                San Gabriel Unified – 3 seats
                San Marino Unified  – 3 seats
                South Pasadena Unified  – 3 seats
                Temple City Unified  – 3 seats
Water District Board of Directors Elections
                San Gabriel 3 seats
                Kinneloa Division 1 seat
Library Board Election
                Altadena – 2 seats
City Council Elections
                Duarte – 3 Council seats
                           1 City Clerk
                           1 Treasurer
                San Marino – 3 Council  seats
                South Pasadena – 2 Council seats
                         –  1 City Clerk,
                         –  1 Treasurer