Effecting Change in Government


Monday March 13 at 7pm
Vroman’s Main Store
695 E. Colorado Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91101

Vroman’s list of resources and books for this series is here.

Like the LVW-PA, Vromans Bookstore of Pasadena is a key institution in helping everyone to stay informed. On Monday, March 13th, the League will partner with Vromans to present the second in a bipartisan speaker series, Democracy Wise, designed to educate on key topics important to our democratic system.

“Effecting Change in Government,” is the topic covered by three League members, President Elect Dorothy Keane, Director of Advocacy, Donovan Steutel, and Director of Development, Sally Hoover. The heart of presentation is information on how we can influence policy and effect change. History has proven that one person can make a difference.

Donovan will cover many of the effective basic approaches to getting our voices heard by elected officials at all levels of government, including advantages/disadvantages of written letters, phone calls, emails, and personal visits. Our ability to have direct contact with the elected is the cornerstone of democracy and makes a difference but only if we act. Dorothy will provide information on the ultimate citizen participation which is to be sure everyone is registered to vote and does vote each and every election. Sally will speak on some general background on trends in the citizen participation attempts to have our voices heard and offer a call to action.

They will speak to this topic and answer questions like: Do petitions work? Is it better to call or write your representative? Does it make a difference when you do? What is the effect of a march? How do you “fight city hall” locally? How do we as citizens influence policy and effect change? Questions will be taken from the audience.