April League Day



April 3, 2014
Women’s City Club

Where Should the League Stand on Agriculture?

Agricultural subsidies, animal management, food safety and labeling are just four of the topics we will be discussing at the April 3, 2014, League Day. As we sit around the tables, we will be participating in a League tradition of study, member discussion and consensus, which will lead to the formation of an updated Agriculture Position. The LWVUS already has a position on agriculture but it makes no mention of the important topics of food safety or labeling. In addition, farming practices have changed greatly since the original position was written in 1986.

We will begin with an informative presentation by Long Beach LWV members Kimberly Ritter and Phyllis O’Connor, covering topics such as genetically modified organisms, antibiotics in animal production, current farming practices, and the consolidation of the agricultural industry. In addition, we will look at the hot topics of food safety and labeling. The presentation will be followed by small group discussions of questions formulated by the LWVUS Agriculture Update Committee. Input from League members is sought and needed so that any new position will be a grassroots reflection of member values.

Would you like to see the LWVUS advocating on the issues of food safety and food labeling? Would you like the voice of League members heard on good farming practices such as water conservation and reduction, and controlling the use of antibiotics, pesticides, and herbicides? Would you like to see more support for local markets and small farmers?

Please join us on April 3 for what promises to be an informative and fun League Day on agriculture. Come voice your opinions but be prepared to listen to the opinions of others. In this process, we hope to find consensus.