Annual Holiday Party

Photos are here

The League’s Holiday Party at Petite and Larry Morrison’s home was a big success. More than eighty people attended. We can thank the hospitality of Petite and Larry for decorating their lovely home for the holidays early enough to get us all in the mood. Larry even hooked up (don’t ask me how!) a greeting to everyone in lights on the front walkway
Cynthia Null provided us with piano music and song sheets so there was a group which had a good time singing around the piano. Everyone contributed food or drink—all of it delicious. The house had been set up with various comfy areas where people could sit and visit. Throughout the evening there were small groups engaged in stimulating discussions. It was particularly wonderful to have a social time to connect with other League members.

Thanks go to Sally Hoover for chairing this committee … and to all the members who participated in the planning and hosting duties. It’s a long list, but it includes Lela Bissner, Patricia Murar and her husband, Marilynne and Roger Wilander, Bonnie Skolnik, Ann Zeiss, Anne Wolf, Gwendolyn Jones, and Margaret Gonder-Odell.

—Marna Cornell, Membership Director