Ballot Measures – Pro and Con

octleaguedayOctober 6, 2016
Women’s City Club, Pasadena
Photos are here

Ballot Measure Marathon at League Day

Eleven valiant League members sought to demystify nineteen state and county propositions that will be on the November ballot. They presented the pros and cons of each measure, striving to maintain poker faces, avoid injecting their personal biases, and do it all in two hours.

Eighty-six attendees at the League Day breakfast meeting listened attentively, asked intelligent questions, and either remained perplexed about the bewildering details or understood the complex issues a little better.

If League members, who are accustomed to dealing with ballot measures, have a hard time digesting them, one can only wonder how the voters at large can make responsible, informed decisions on all of the propositions if they are unable to spend a lot of time studying them. The League Day presenters agreed that they spent at least an hour on each proposition.

Robbie Davis spent many, many hours organizing our Pros and Cons program. She made sure the presenters were trained, obtained materials, scheduled over thirty presentations, maintained e-mail contact with everyone involved, and made sure that this key program came off without a hitch. The League owes her many, many thanks for the work she put in to help make democracy work.

—Marty Giffen