Origins of California’s Low Voting Rates


Dr. Fernando Guerra of Loyola Marymount University was the keynote speaker at the League Annual Meeting on June 2.  He presented a talk on underlying causes of low voter turnout in non-presidential elections, and possible ways this problem could be addressed. 

Annual Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social


Splendid Ice Cream Social
are here

Approximately 125 folks celebrated our freedom at our sixth annual Ice Cream Social in the tree-lined patios of the West Justice Center on July 17, a festive Sunday afternoon.

Guests were welcomed with patriotic balloons and signs directing them toward the registration table, which was staffed by Connie Aguilar and Margaret Gonder-Odell; Jane Wallace and Irma Strantz provided voter information and voter registration.

The Bill Fowler trio entertained us while Jim Foltz, Larry Morrison, John Odell, and Robert Cornell scooped the refreshing Fosselman’s vanilla ice cream and raspberry sorbet into tasty waffle bowls … while James Knowles, Jackie Knowles, Roger Wilander, and the Cubero family helped with the hot fudge sauce, fresh fruit, including strawberries, blueberries, and peaches, nuts, and whipped cream, with the proverbial cherry on top. Drinks included orange spice herbal iced tea, limeade, and iced water with lemon.

Jackie Knowles once again did her magic in transforming the serving area into a work of art decorated with red and white tablecloths. The tables for seating were festive with red and white tablecloths decorated with red and white flowers in patriotic vases.

After President Marge Nichols welcomed everyone, Congresswoman Judy Chu thanked the League and spoke about some of the critical issues facing our country today. Pasadena Mayor Terry Tornek shared community concerns and thanked the League for our leadership in informing voters.

Michelle White shared an interesting Voter Quiz based on different news items over the last year. League member Ed Washatka had the most correct answers and won a Trader Joe’s $25 gift certificate and a White House Cookie Decorating kit.

Theresa Amador decorated and donated the money hat that was raffled off. Thanks to Sally Hoover for walking around and selling raffle tickets. The $265 that we raised will be used to purchase voting materials for the fall election. The winner, Pepi Feinblatt, used part of the $100 bills to join the League. Wise investment Pepi!

Each of you who came or sponsored the event made this an afternoon of FriendRaising and fun! Thanks from the Ice Cream Social Committee: Theresa Amador, Marna Cornell, Ruth Judkins, Jackie Knowles, Anita Mackey, Petite Morrison, Marge Nichols, Chris VanDerHorst, and Marilynne Wilander

Thank you! To our generous sponsors who made this event possible:

Banana Split Sponsors

Congresswoman Judy Chu
Dorothy Keane
Anita and Peter Mackey
Betty Sandford

Chocolate Sundae Sponsors

Claire and Bill Bogaard
Shirley Burt
Maggie Cherniss
Margaret Cole
Robbie and Sandy Davis
Margaret Gonder-Odell and John Odell
Sandra Greenstein
MaryAnn and Corey Lutz
George and Cynthia Null
Elizabeth Pomeroy
Irma Strantz

Double Scoop Ice Cream Cones

Connie Aguilar
Marna and Robert Cornell
Candy and Larry D’Addario
Vickie Davis
Mildred Dockery
Sandra Hauge
Hsin-Yi Hao and Mark Weilert
Monica and Tom Hubbard
Gwen Jones
Ruth Judkins
Kim Kenne
Hanna MacLaren
Jeannette Mann
Petite and Larry Morrison
Jane Murphy
Eddie and Tara Newman
Marge and Grigsby Nichols
Public Works/Mikala Rahn
Gloria Reynolds
Uma Shrivastava
Mel and Marcia Spira
Rosa Terz
Lyla White
Marilynne and Roger Wilander
Felicia Williams
Janet Wood
Nancy Zachariasen
John Zukosky

Ice Cream Cone Sponsors

Affordable Housing Services/Michelle White
Sally Hoover
Jonathan Lubin and Mark King
Kris Ockershauser
Constance Shair
Alma Stokes
Margot Webb Foltz and Jim Foltz

We are also grateful to Jim and Jill Fosselman for their generous donation of the ice cream and sorbet
Theresa Amador for the Money Hat
Judy Campion who came and brought five friends
Mary MacDougal who brought her Girl Scouts