Ice Cream Social


Sunday July 19
Garfield Park
1750 Mission Street
South Pasadena, CA

Photos are here.

Ticket prices are set to encourage the attendance of kids, grandkids, neighbors and friends:

 •$10 for first household member over 13 years of age
 •$5 for each additional household member
 •$5 for students and low-income individuals
 •Free for minors under 13 years

Our primary goal is for everyone to come, have fun, and take advantage of an opportunity to learn more about those really smart and engaging folks who comprise our membership. Our secondary goal is to raise enough funds to underwrite the costs of our flexible dues program and the proposed expansion of our Voter Services work.

Our flexible dues program is designed to subsidize the membership of low-income households on fixed incomes, thereby rendering our dues affordable. It is but one of our ongoing attempts to increase the diversity of our membership.

Many low-income households hold voters who are under represented in our local elections. This year, Voter Services is initiating a project to register and get out the vote of low-income households; racial, ethnic and language minorities; eligible youth; and other under represented electoral cohorts. The costs associated with this project, such as analyzing election data, translating materials, and organizing efforts in some of the less well-served municipalities of our service area, will be supported by any profits from the Ice Cream Social.