February League Day






Speaker: Gil Nelson, Director of Family Services, Union Station

Speaker: Socorro Naranjo Rocha, Pasadena Unified School District
                    Families in Transition Program

Hunger in America

A 5 percent cut in food stamps makes a big difference to people already in precarious financial positions, the LWV-PA meeting on February 7 made clear. Reduction of food stamps means families have to supplement their food budgets with cash, which would have been used to pay the rent, the utilities, or the gas bill. This domino effect can force people into homelessness, especially when combined with medical expenses and other emergencies. If they are already homeless, it makes their situations more dire.

In a program organized by Connie Aguilar, Socorro Rocha, head of PUSD’s Families in Transition office, and Gil Nelson, of Union Station, described the effects of food stamp cuts on the people they serve. More

January League Day

Grassroots Day for the League: We Need to Hear from You!

Thursday  January 9th
Women’s City Club, Pasadena, CA

Voting rights…health care policy…affordable housing  – just some of the important issues that will be discussed at our January 9 Program Planning Meeting.  It’s our annual opportunity to let National and Pasadena Area League leadership know what  we the members think that League priorities should be for the coming year.

When the League of Women Voters speaks on policy issues in government, social policy and natural resources, the message starts at the grassroots – that would be us – based on our annual review and revision of positions and themes for education and advocacy.   Is there a new topic we need to study because we currently don’t have a voice?  Are there positions that need updating to be relevant in the current political climate?  Is there an important issue to address in public education? 

Please take a few moments before the meeting to review national and local positions, found at the back of your Yearbook.  This will save time in our discussions about positions and priorities on January 9.  A new element this year will be discussion of focus for action by our League in 2014-15.  We have had lots of education, but can we get more members involved in work to make a difference?

Our program planning session will also feature a luncheon talk by noted political consultant Fred Register, with his analysis of prospects for the November 2914 election and implications of low voter turnout.