2014 Election Propositions


October 2
Women’s City Club

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Whenever propositions are on the ballot, League members get the first look at the information booklet prepared by the state League, plus presentations on the propositions by our Speakers Bureau.

For the November 4, 2014, election, six state propositions and one county measure are up for a vote. In depth, non-partisan reporting was the focus of the October 2 League Day, with a panel ably moderated by past president Yvonne Pine. The ballot measures were presented by recently trained members Theresa Amador, Ray Bennett, Sondra Hauge, Marge Nichols, Gail Portrey, Jane Wallace and Michelle White. League members asked some penetrating questions and shared specialized information.

“Why Don’t Our Citizens Vote?” was the topic of table discussions, which brought out a wide range of issues. Some of the results included

•    We need election-day as a paid holiday for workers or moved to a weekend.
•    Many issues we are asked to vote on are too complicated and require too much knowledge for voters to feel comfortable making a ballot decision.
•    Voting places change constantly. It would be best to have voting at schools, which would also serve to teach students about participating in democracy.
•    People have the perception that their vote will have no influence against the power of big interests.
•    We need to get young people to participate in the system as soon as they are able, since research shows that once engaged, they are likely to continue voting.

To “follow the money” you can get online updates at the VotersEdge

—Yvonne Pine

As always, nothing left to do but VOTE!