November League Day Program







Speaker: Kathay Feng
Executive Director of California Common Cause (CCC)
President of the LA County Human Relations Commission
Serves on the LA 2020 Commission

Voter Rights in 2013:  Expansion or Extinction?

Women’s City Club, Pasadena, California
Thursday   November 7

Event photos are here

Kathay Feng and Common Cause are key players in the fight for open government in California.
Voter rights are being challenged in 2013 in many states, including the non-issue of voter identification.  In a recent 7-year period there were 32,299 reports of UFO sightings, 352 deaths caused by lightning, but only 9 instances of possible voter impersonation.  Our speaker Kathay Feng will address important issues of access to information about funding sources for campaigns, access to registration, access to the polls, and access to legislative proceedings.

KPAS will be videotaping this event and it will be shown on the Arroyo Channel

  • Charter Cable System – Ch. 32
  • ATT UVerse – 99/Pasadena