Get Involved

Membership in the League of Women Voters is open to all men and women who are 18 or older and are U.S. citizens.

The League of Women Voters has a policy of guilt-free membership.  Your active participation is always welcome, and your financial support of membership or a donation helps ensure that the League will always be there for you and for democracy.

There are many benefits to membership, including:

  • —  Supporting LWV work to make democracy work for all citizens
  • —  Protecting voter rights
  • —  Educating voters about candidates and issues
  • —  Advocating positions on issues where League members have come to a consensus
  • —  Establishing lifelong friendships
  • —  Opportunities to participate at local, state, and national levels

Non-members are welcome to participate in many League-sponsored events, including our monthly luncheon meetings featuring engaging speakers, candidate forums, “Pros & Cons” explaining ballot measures, community forums on critical issues, and many more.  See our event page for upcoming opportunities.

To learn more about LWV-PA activities and opportunities for members and non-members, contact our office at or call 626-798-0965.